How to Clean 2000 Upholstered Concert Chairs

23 June 2023
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What's in This Guide?


Did you ever want to know how to clean 2000 upholstered chairs? In this article, we'll guide you through cleaning commercial upholstery on a massive scale. The chairs are from a large concert arena in Ireland, and as you could expect, they are filthy!

With the excitement and bustle of activity from a concert, the seats in the arena take a beating. The soiling is largely sugar-based, ranging from hot dogs, ketchup, Guinness, and hand grease.

This isn’t a tutorial for cleaning an ottoman at home. Instead, it shows you how a professional cleaning company handles a large-scale commercial job. We illustrate the most effective way to clean dirty chairs from start to finish.

Read on to find out the process we take and what equipment we used to get the job done.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Six Steps to clean each upholstered chair.

Step One: Vacuum the Chair
We start by vacuuming the chair using the upholstery attachment to extract any dry, loose soil and dirt.

The reason for this is that typically 95% of the soil in carpets and upholstery is dry, so our goal is to start by removing it. Which will leave you with only five percent that you will have to deal with.

Step Two: Brush Off the Dirt
We agitate the soil by going over the seat with our special upholstery brush attachment on a regular drill. This works by releasing ingrained grime and dust.

Step Three: Clean the Upholstery
The next step is to wet clean the upholstery. We mix the cleaning solution in our industrial spray bottle and liberally pre-spray the upholstery of the seat. The cleaner contains enzymes that work to loosen and emulsify the soil from the fibres of the chair.

Step Four: Agitate the Pre-Sprayed Area
Using the upholstery brush, we agitate the pre-sprayed area to help it work more effectively.

Step Five: Extract
Lastly, we extract the moisture from the seat with our extraction machine.

Step Six: Repeat
Repeat another 1999 times. Each chair takes about 5 minutes to clean.

Behind the Scenes of a Massive Commercial Chair Clean

This is pretty much how we go about cleaning a seat. Multiply that by 2000 and you are looking at a big job that requires professionals, specialised equipment, and coordination.

It is all about teamwork to get the job done.

  • We have one dedicated person who is vacuuming only,
  • one pre-spraying,
  • another agitating,
  • and one person extracting.

The job has taken about two weeks, with gigs and events in between.


We hope this insight has been useful to you in learning how to commercially clean upholstered chairs. On our end, it is extremely satisfying to feel a sense of accomplishment, and we are completely satisfied with the results.

Cleaning upholstery does not have to be as difficult if you use the right tools and products, and follow our instructions.

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