How to Clean a MacBook Charger

28 November 2022
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What's in This Guide?
Cleaning Items You'll Need.
Protective rubber gloves
Dishwashing soap
Bowl of water
Magic sponge
Soft brush
Microfiber towel


In this tutorial we show you how to clean a dirty MacBook charger with some items you should have at home. Chargers are subjected to a great deal of abuse, including being connected, disconnected, and moved around. In addition to accumulating grime over time.

Follow along to learn how to safely clean and maintain your charger.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Seven easy steps to clean your MacBook Pro's charger.

Step One:
To clean your charger, unplug from your computer.

Step Two:
Add the dishwashing liquid to the bowl of water.

Step Three:
Dip the magic sponge into the bowl of water and wring it out, so that it is not too wet.

Step Four:
Work your way down the cable using your sponge. An effective method is to clamp the cable between the two sides of a folded magic sponge. Gently, but firmly drag the sponge down the cable so that the sides of the cable are covered with the sponge.

Step Five:
For the more difficult stains, use your soft brush.

Step Six:
Wipe down the MagSafe adapter with a microfiber towel to clean it and remove any moisture.

Step Seven:
To remove any extra moisture or dirt on the cable, wrap your microfiber cloth around it and gently slide through it.

Make sure that both ends of the cable are thoroughly dry before placing it back into a socket or into your MacBook.

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