How to Clean a MacBook Pro Keyboard

28 November 2022
Est. Reading: 2 minutes
What's in This Guide?
Cleaning Items You'll Need.
Vacuum with a soft brush head
Protective rubber gloves
A couple of microfiber towels
Cotton buds (q-tips)
Spray bottle of plain water
Small soft brush

Clean Your MacBook Pro Keyboard Without Causing Any Damage

Unfortunately, a dirty keyboard is inevitable. No matter how frequently you use the laptop, dirt, a sticky key, and crumbs appear to accumulate on the keyboard.

Cleaning it will not only improve the appearance, but also get rid of bacteria lurking on the keyboard. It also prevents gunk from getting beneath the keys and causing them to stick and not work properly. So how exactly do you go about cleaning it safely?

Continue reading; in this tutorial, we show you how to clean a MacBook Pro keyboard with a few common household materials.

Step-By-Step Instructions

How can you lift dirt and grime from your Macbook's keyboard?

Step One:
With your soft brush, gently brush over the keyboard to loosen any dry bonded dirt. Do this in a north-south direction, then an east west direction to loosen as much dirt as possible.

Step Two:
With your vacuum cleaner, gently go over the keys to remove the loosened dirt.

Step Three:
Using a cotton bud, run it through the first row of keys with medium pressure.

Step Four:
Flip the bud over and continue through each line of keys. Using a clean cotton bud for each row.

Step Five:
Next, work your way horizontally through the keyboard with the cotton buds.

Step Six:
Vacuum the keyboard once again to remove any loose dirt.

Step Seven:
Get your microfiber towel and a spray bottle of water. Moving away from the MacBook, give a couple of sprays onto the towel. Make sure that it is not dripping. Rub your hand over the towel to move the moisture into the towel. You want the towel to be faintly damp.

Step Eight:
In a north-south direction, gently work your way across the keyboard with the towel. Repeat the same process in the opposite direction.

Step Nine:
Dry the keyboard with a microfiber towel.

Step Ten:
Clean the rest of the aluminium and trackpad with a damp towel. Buff with a dry microfiber towel to get rid of any smudges and smears.

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