How to Clean a MacBook Pro Screen Without Streaks

22 November 2022
Est. Reading: 1 minute
What's in This Guide?
Cleaning Items You'll Need.
A soft towel to place the MacBook on
2 x Dry microfiber towels (preferably new)
Plain water with no detergent


In this tutorial we demonstrate how to safely clean your MacBook Pro screen with only water. Which is, of course is what Apple recommends.

This technique takes roughly two minutes and results in a clean, streak-free screen. Without jeopardising the integrity of your screen.

Note: This tutorial will work on any MacBook.

Do not use any type of cotton towel, paper towel or tissue. These will scratch and cause permanent damage to your screen. Only use microfiber.

Step-By-Step Instructions

So, how do you clean your MacBook Pro screen in less than 2 minutes?

Step One:
Turn off your MacBook and set it on a soft towel. Open it and place the screen side down on the towel.

Step Two:
Wet your folded microfiber towel lightly with water. Wipe it down with your finger to get rid of any excess water.

Step Three:
Rub across your screen with light pressure until the dirt is lifted.

Step Four:
Switch over to your dry microfiber towel to remove the excess moisture.

Step Five:
Work your way down the screen, following the same process.

Step Six:
Wipe down the entire screen with the damp microfiber one last time. Concentrating on the screen's edges.

Step Seven:
Dry, then buff with your dry microfiber cloth.

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