How to Clean a Saffiano Leather Michael Kors Handbag

18 April 2023
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What's in This Guide?
Cleaning Items You'll Need.
A couple of microfiber towels
Kitchen towel
Small soft brush
Cotton buds (Q-Tips)
Rubbing alcohol


In this post, we will review The Handbag Spa Kit and demonstrate how to clean a Michael Kors Jet Set Saffiano Leather Tote. The handbag was not too dirty. There was only a slight amount of dirt on the side panels and the edges of the carry handles. On the front panel, there were two tiny ink stains that appeared to be pen markings. So, in addition to cleaning the bag, we'll attempt to get rid of them.

What is Saffiano Leather?

Saffiano leather has grown in popularity and is one of the most common leathers used in the fashion industry. This leather carries tremendous appeal, because of its outstanding durability and stain resistance. It has a textured surface, with a cross-hatched pattern that is machine pressed into the protective coating of the leather.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Steps on how to properly clean a Saffiano leather Michael Kors handbag.

Step One:
Wipe over the outside of the handbag with a kitchen towel to remove any excess dirt.

Step Two:

  • Apply the Sensitive Cleanse to the handbag's surface with a clean microfibre towel. Allow it to dwell for a while so it can penetrate the leather and remove the build-up of dirt.
  • The Sensitive Cleanse is a thick, gentle, water-based cleaning product. Made for cleaning sensitive leather on both finished and unfinished leather.
  • Use a soft brush to gently work the cleaner into the leather.
  • Remove the cleaning solution and dirt from the handbag using a fresh microfiber towel.

Step Three:

  • Spray a clean microfiber cloth with a thin coating of Everyday 3-in-1 and apply to the handbag.
  • This water-based product serves as a hydrator, cleanser, and protector all in one. Effectively cleaning the bag without damaging it.

Step Four:
If there are still some residual marks/stains left, then gently wipe the marks with an ear bud dampened with rubbing alcohol (works well on ink stains).

Step Five:
Allow the bag to dry at room temperature.

Did You Know...?
Manufacturers do not make leather cleaners to deal with ink stains, because doing so would damage the leather.

Final Thoughts on Cleaning the Michael Kors Handbag

Even though both products are excellent cleaners, we prefer the Everyday 3-in-1 because it cleans, hydrates, and protects. This product is undoubtedly perfect for women on the go as it cleans and offers protection against everyday wear and tear.

We also found that the Everyday 3-in-1 cleanser was successful in removing ink stains. Leaving the bag looking richer and less glossy, along with giving the bag's entire surface a soft satin feel.

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