How to Clean a Synthetic Rug at Home

18 April 2023
Est. Reading: 2 minutes
What's in This Guide?
Cleaning Items You'll Need.
Wet-dry vacuum
Protective rubber gloves
Oxy Action Powder (Or Vanish)
White vinegar
Nail brush
5 litre (1.3 US Gal.) bucket of hot water
A scoop of biological washing powder or liquid


Have you ever wanted to clean your synthetic rug yourself at home?

Like other rugs, synthetic rugs last longer with regular care. Cleaning your rugs reduces wear as well as gives them a fresh look and smell. The rug's fibres are actually worn down from the inside by dirt and debris trapped inside.

In this article, we show you how to clean a rug at home with common household cleaning products and a wet and dry vacuum. This is an excellent DIY rug cleaning method, and using it correctly will save you money!

The rug we're cleaning is made of polypropylene. These are a popular option for areas with high foot traffic. Due to the characteristics of the fibres, the rug is comparatively simple to clean.

Follow this cleaning guide to get your rug looking like new at home.

Step-By-Step Instructions

The best technique for cleaning a synthetic rug at home in 20 minutes. Our example rug (see video at bottom of the post) was mostly used as a dog bed and is covered with dog grease. This means we must use a biological washing powder.

  • The enzymes in the biological powder will break down the dirt and grease.
  • The oxygen boost in the oxy powder will help the cleaning solution neutralise bacteria and eliminate odours.
We normally recommend that you vacuum the rug before using the cleaning solution. However, the example rug in the video below had a vomit stain, and we do not want to run it through the HEPA filter vacuum. In the final section, we'll use the wet vacuum to get the soil out.
Step One:
In a bucket of hot water, combine the peroxide (oxy powder) and a scoop of biological washing powder.

Step Two:
Stir the solution wearing rubber gloves, to activate and dissolve it in the water.

Step Three:
Using the sponge, liberally apply the soapy water solution in sections. Because this is a synthetic rug, it can tolerate a lot of moisture.

Step Four:
Use your nail brush to loosen and agitate the soiling in the rug. Don't be afraid to brush it vigorously.

Step Five:
Remove the water and dirt using a wet vacuum. The water acts as a medium for dirt removal.

Step Six:
Finally, rinse it with a mix of 10 parts water to 1 part vinegar. Liberally mist over the area to remove the alkalis that the oxy powder and washing powder left behind. This will remove most residues from the rug, leaving no chemicals behind. It is also acceptable to use simple water.

Step Seven:
Allow the carpet to air dry, and then give the rug a final vacuum.

Step Eight:
If the rug is excessively soiled, you can repeat the process.

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