How to Clean a Very Burnt Pot

21 February 2023
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What's in This Guide?
Cleaning Items You'll Need.
Washing Soda
Hot water
Rubber gloves
Dish cleaning brush

Intro - The Best Solution for Cleaning a Burnt Pot

Ever wondered how to clean a burnt pot with minimal scrubbing? You have tried everything, and nothing works. The temptation of tossing out your pot couldn’t be more appealing. So if you’ve ever suffered the misery of a burnt pot, look no further... We have some excellent news for you.

Learn how to remove burnt residue with our homemade hack. With the added bonus of being non-toxic and super cheap. Follow our cleaning tip, and your pot will be like new in no time at all!

Step-by-Step Instructions

Follow these instructions to learn how to effectively clean a burnt pot.

Step One:
Remove as much of the scorched mess from the bottom of the pot as possible.

Step Two:
Keep a thin layer of hot water in the pot and sprinkle in 3 tablespoons of washing soda. With a pH of 11.5, washing soda is more effective at removing grease and stains. See this article to learn how to make washing soda at home.

Step Three:
Allow to soak overnight to dissolve all the bonded, burnt-in fatty gunk.

Step Four:
Pour boiling water into the pot the next morning to emulsify the fat.

Step Five:
Using the washing brush, agitate the bottom of the pot until there is no resistance. This means that the washing soda did its job and loosened the burnt mess on the bottom.

Step Six:
Scrub the inside of the pot lightly and drain the liquid into the sink.

Step Seven:
To remove any leftover residue, wash the pot in hot, soapy water. Rinse and pat dry.

Final Thoughts on Using Washing Soda

We’ve all dealt with burnt-on messes and know what it's like to try to scrape the stubborn gunk off the bottom of the pot. However, using washing soda works like a charm, with little effort. All that was required was an overnight soak and a light scrub. We can highly recommend using this method for removing burnt-on gunk.

Without a doubt, washing soda is one of the most important items to have in your kitchen. It can be used for a range of cleaning tasks around the house. You may be interested in the tutorial on how to make washing soda at home.

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