How to Clean Roman (Fabric) Blinds at Home

25 April 2023
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What's in This Guide?
Cleaning Items You'll Need.
A vacuum cleaner + soft brush attachment (preferably a HEPA)
Protective rubber gloves
A bucket
Dry cleaning solvent or rubbing alcohol
Cotton or microfiber towel


Roman blinds are popular for their practicality and vibrancy. They add a touch of style to your home and complement your décor, yet cleaning them can be challenging. Keeping the blinds clean is important if you want your blinds to retain their beauty over time.

This post will walk you through two tried-and-true methods for cleaning a Roman blind.

Luckily, cleaning these blinds is easier than you think, using products that you already have at home. Follow this tutorial to effortlessly clean your blinds in minutes!

Easy Steps to Master Cleaning Roman Blinds at Home

Vacuum to Clean

Firstly, before we cover the two methods, roll down the blind and gently vacuum with a soft brush head to remove the dry soil from the fabric.

95% of the dry soil is removable, which essentially means the blind will be 95% clean without using moisture.

The only exception to this is if you have a greasy kitchen. In this approach, you will need to wipe down the fabric with rubbing alcohol to remove the grease. Followed by the Low-Moisture Cleaning Method below.

We suggest using a vacuum with a HEPA filtration. Hands down, they are indispensable in filtering out dustmites and allergens. Take a look at our post on “What You Need to Know About Dustmites"

Determine the Method You Need

Once you've vacuumed your Roman blind, you can then consider whic method is needed to clean it.

Method One: The Dry Cleaning Method

This approach is for a Roman blind that is lightly soiled or if you want to freshen it up. It’s undeniably quick and easier than you think.

Step One:
Spray rubbing alcohol onto a towel, and in a downward motion, wipe the surface of the blind. This activates the residual soil on the blind and transfers it to the cloth.

Step Two:
Inspect the surface of the towel after every few wipes to see if the transfer is working. Don’t forget to turn the towel onto a clean side so that you are not rubbing the dirt back into the fabric. Continue doing this until the whole blind is complete.

Method Two: The Low-Moisture Cleaning Method

Also known as the Indirect Cleaning Method. Indirect means that rather than spraying the blind, we use the medium to get the soil out of the blind.

Step One:
Mix a teaspoon of dishwashing soap and 5 litres (1.3 US gal.) of water into your bucket.

Step Two:
Dunk your cotton towel into the cleaning solution, wring it out and lightly wipe across the surface of the blind to remove the dirt.

Step Three:
Then transfer the dirt into the bucket solution and continue wiping down the blind.

Step Four:
It is as simple as that. Keep wiping down the blind until all the soil has transferred out and the blind is clean.

Step Five:
If you wish, you can then towel the blind dry to remove any excess moisture.

This is an effective method, and you should start seeing the water change colour as the soil migrates from the blind to the cloth. In that case, rinse the cloth in the water.

For a small blind, the process should only take about 15 to 20 minutes.

This method can be done whilst the blind is still hanging, or it can be taken down and flat cleaned on a table.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning Roman blinds at home is not difficult and shouldn't require any professional services if they are not heavily stained/soiled.

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