How to Mop a Wooden Floor Without Chemicals

23 May 2023
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What's in This Guide?
Cleaning Items You'll Need.
Vacuum Cleaner
Dry Microfibre Mop
Spray Bottle of Water


Regular cleaning is essential to maintaining your wooden floors. It not only ensures a safe and healthy home but also extends the life of your flooring.

Vacuuming wooden floors removes dust and loose dirt but does not prevent grime build-up. For this reason, mopping is one of the most recommended ways to clean wooden floors.

In the video below, we were doing post-renovation clean-up, cleaning up the dust left behind by builders. This article demonstrates an effective wooden floor-cleaning technique that does not leave behind residues or streaks, and does not use any chemicals.

Step-By-Step Instructions

A few steps to mop your wooden floors like a pro.

Step One: Clean Away the Dirt and Dust
To start, thoroughly vacuum the floor to get rid of all the excess dust and debris.

Step Two: Begin Mopping at the Furthest Point Away From the Door
To remove all residual dust, use a dry microfiber head, and mop across the floor.

When the mop head has absorbed a lot of dust, we can either swap it out for a new one or vacuum the dirt off the mop head.

Continue, until you have completed the entire area.

Step Three: Final Mop - Two-Step Approach
In the final stage, we'll demonstrate the two-method technique. Tip: Remember to mop in the direction of the wood grain.

  1. Using a slightly damp microfibre head, mop the floor. It is crucial that you begin at the back of the room and proceed toward the door to avoid walking on the cleaned area. The beauty of these microfibre heads is that the dirt is being transferred from the floor into the damp microfibre. So, when you have finished, the floor is fully cleaned.
  2. For a deeper clean, repeat the procedure, starting at the back of the room. Spray 10 to 20 ml of plain water on the floor, then mop it with a clean microfibre mop. This enables the microfibre mop to pick up any residual dirt.
Make sure your mop head is only slightly damp. You want to avoid soaking the wooden floor with water.


As you can see, it's very easy to mop a wooden floor like a pro the moment you know how. Have a look at this guide if you want to know how to deep clean your wooden floors.

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