Using Peroxide to Remove Coffee Stains From a Rug/Carpet

18 April 2023
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What's in This Guide?
Cleaning Items You'll Need.
Wet-dry vacuum
Protective rubber gloves
3% Hydrogen peroxide
Spray bottle
White vinegar
A white cotton towel

Intro - A Guide to Removing Coffee Stains from a Wool Rug at Home

Coffee spills are inevitable and are one of the most common stains that you will have on your carpet or rug.

Fortunately, understanding how to get coffee stains out is easy if you know how. Patience is essential, as well as neutralising the peroxide with vinegar before you finish.

Not sure what to do? In this tutorial, we show you how to use peroxide to remove coffee stains from a wool carpet or rug. Read on to find out how to tackle the stain like a professional. The best part is that you don't need pricey cleaning products, just a few household items. These products are not only affordable; they also are environmentally friendly.

Step-By-Step Instructions

The most effective method for eliminating coffee stains from a woollen carpet or rug in about 30-45 minutes.

Step One:
Vacuum all the debris from the carpet/rug.

Step Two:
In a spray bottle, combine the peroxide and water.

Step Three:
Spray the solution on the stain only. You can see it starting to work right away.

Step Four:
Cover the peroxide solution with a clean towel.

Step Five:
Iron the towel with a steam iron set on medium heat. Do not leave the iron in one spot for too long. Continue to move the iron back and forth across the towel.

  1. The steam transfers the stain to the cotton towel, while the peroxide neutralises it.
  2. At this point, the coffee stain will transfer to the white cotton towel, as indicated by the brown stain on the towel.

Step Six:
Apply more peroxide to the rug and repeat step 5 with a clean part of the cotton towel. Peroxide will chemically burn the wool rug, so use vinegar to neutralise that. rinse it with a mix of 10 parts water to 1 part vinegar. Liberally mist over the area that you used peroxide on.

Step Seven:
Using a wet vacuum, remove the vinegar solution.

Step Eight:
Allow the carpet to air dry, and then give the rug a final vacuum.

Final Thoughts on Cleaning the Coffee Stain With Peroxide

If you have a coffee stain in your carpet, you should be sure to remove it as soon as you can. This is how you achieve the best results.

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